Events: Dance-theatre 'Merry.Go.Round' by Maria Nilsson Waller


Do you ever feel like you're going around in circles?

Acclaimed Dublin-based Swedish choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller explores our relationships, social circles and the search for love in the context of the cosmos in her contemporary dance-theatre piece 'Merry.Go.Round'. The cast commands unparalleled control of their bodies, props and indeed every inch of the stage in this hour-long performance, which often seems to defy the laws of the universe.

A captivating rumination on life and love, the costumes, sound design and props are all under Nilsson Waller's careful direction. Bringing metaphors and turns of phrase to life in hypnotic sequences, this piece not only gives you ample feats of strength and synchronicity, it offers you the space to explore your own past and present as you endeavour to interpret and unwind its narrative.

Dancer Marcia Liu in a heart-breaking solo.

Dancer Marcia Liu in a heart-breaking solo.

The story is both tragic and humorous, as life often is. When I saw 'Merry.Go.Round' in the 2017 Dublin Dance Festival, the audience both sat in quiet contemplation and with baited breath by turns; and, in the end, there was a smile on everyone's face.

See 'Merry.Go.Round', currently on tour in association with Dance Limerick:

1 May 2018 - Dance Limerick

3 May 2018 - glór - Ennis

8 May 2018 - Town Hall Theatre, Galway  

9 May 2018 - Ballina Arts Centre, Co. Mayo