Sandymount Strand

Sandymount Strand

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At low tide, we walk between Sandymount Strand and Blackrock Village, taking in not just the bay, but the rocks that border it, pewter in colour with speckles of chartreuse and slivers of silver.

My fascination with Dublin bay began with 'Horizonless', sourced from the stunning vista between Killiney and Dalkey on the DART train. I remember my first time as the train emerged from a tunnel of black and swept across the wide open bay - I ran to the window, my face against the glass as for just under a minute, the sea opened up and swallowed me in a horizonless expanse of soft grey blue.

Captured and captivated by that, the bay has been a source for many of my woven scarves. I wove 'Sandymount' four times before reducing the myriad of colours down into Dublin Bay.


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Handmade Silk Bow Tie

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Blue, navy, yellow, chartreuse

Composition and Care

100% Silk, 180cm x 35cm, Dry clean only

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