I. Eponym

I. Eponym


The three secret strands of Dark Hedge's beginnings twist into being, and a journey begins. Little is known about the road ahead beyond a careful distillation of the present place - a tunnel of trees looming into the shadows and mist. The first five thousand beats of weft take us on a panoramic study of the road ahead, through a tunnel, a glimpse of past, a glimmer of future... In the threads is this place, and all the drama of its shadows along with the deeper story, the figurative dark hedges this journey is about. 

The threads in the warp here, which will continue through all the Dark Hedges scarves, are meticulously mirrored by those in the weft, intensifying to the cashmere crescendo of the scarf's nape of dense bark. As the scarf is cut away from the rest, and washed and felted, the fresh crispness of the linen will give way to the supple softness of the silk.


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