Petal & Stem - Woven Silk Scarf

Petal & Stem - Woven Silk Scarf

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The tiniest sliver of chartreuse splits the delicate petals from the silver-green stem in irises, orchids, gladiolas and more.

Sometimes I buy a single stem from the sellers on Grafton Street, noticing the grey of the stem, the deep magenta petals and the sliver of chartreuse between them. This series is a day spent with a flower, studying it in light and dark, celebrate the uniqueness of the same flower in the changing light.

Composition and Care

100% Silk, 180cm x 35cm, Dry clean only

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If you want to give a gift that lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers, consider gifting a soft scarf that embodies the beautiful details of an Iris flower...