Sunrise Over Bogland

Sunrise Over Bogland


A dramatic sunrise over the gorgeously textured ground of Irish boglands - the sun forms a halo over the shimmering creases of the waterlogged ground and fades into a sky speckled in shades of blue. The marsh grasses are picked out in carefully laid interspersed threads of linen and silk.

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“In my work, I look constantly to the beauty of the natural world, to Ireland’s heritage of handcraft and innovation, and to the qualities within the materials I choose to work with, bringing all these elements together in a handwoven scarf." 

I begin with visual research, selecting and developing my colour palette at the same time as developing my own unique patterns. My patterns are influenced by ancient Irish manuscripts and Arabic architectural illumination. Each unique design begins as a hand-drawn motif. I then develop and refine the repeating patterns digitally using a unique computer-aided process that I have developed. This allows me to visualise and finalise the intended woven surfaces before production. Yarn sourcing is another key process and understanding how materials and colours work together allows me to use each strand of thread to make tangible the intangible beauty and intrigue of nature."