VI. Paris | I want it to be you

VI. Paris | I want it to be you


The sixth and final piece in the Dark Hedges collection. The journey of freedom continues past forgiveness and hard questions into something thrilling and joyous, a hope for something more. Paris is the city that tells the story of coming together in love, the city of a million dreams, of couples stealing kisses on every corner and postcards marked with bisous.

This piece shares a scary, secret, hope-laden dream like it’s real, in another entirely new pattern, because it IS real. If it’s woven and worn, it lives on in this scarf. For me, this piece came from standing in front of the Opera House and peering at it through scores of tiny Eiffel Tower souvenirs in different colours. I smiled. 

When I wove this piece, I wanted to capture all my feelings in that experienced moment, and the hope of that potential future moment, and the words ‘I want it to be You’. It takes 68,484 stitches in this scarf before the pattern finally emerges from the interwoven threads of cashmere, linen and silk, revealing tiny Eiffel towers throughout - a celebration of a point of both destination and departure, into a hopeful future

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