Woven stories created in Ireland
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The Walk

The Walk


This piece, ‘the walk’ follows in an ancient tradition where craftsmen hide stories in their patterns.

The same surface that tells a story of nature distilled hides one of a walk with a girl and my excitement at being on the brink of falling in love.

As we walked along the Great South Wall, a marvel of 18th Century engineering stretching miles out into Dublin Bay, I soaked in surfaces - colours, textures, & tactile feelings.

Sea-smoothed lichen-speckled rocks of deep purple & pewter, uneven granite slabs, the mist-cloaked promontories of Howth and Dun Laoghaire, the striking red lighthouse, and that all-pervasive expanse of blue are in each square of pattern you run your hand over.  Hidden deeper, are the secret parts of the story, elements of ethereal beauty - her pale white freckled skin, her potent poppy-red lips, her green-blue-brown eyes…

The striking bands of red - just 23 threads at each end of this piece - make this my ‘red’ scarf, a distillation of the stories of its source, both told & still secret.

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After being exhibited at the National Craft Awards in 2013,  ‘The Walk’ went on tour to The Braid / Mid-Antrim Museum, Ballymena and The Strule Arts Centre, Omagh in Northern Ireland, before travelling to a private buyer in the US.