You're getting something handwritten in the mail.

This is my third year sending postcards, and I'm very excited.

If you are active on my facebook page, I might already know what you love, but tell me your favourite piece if you have one, and I'll tell you the behind the scenes story of where it came from and how it's made - as much as I can fit on a 6" x 4" card. I may cross the margin and use very small writing if you ask a detailed question, but please do!

And please tell me how you heard about Brendan Joseph.

You can also read my journal if you want to know more, there's links on the right hand side of this page.


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Your Postal Address
I need this so I can send you your postcard. I'll keep it safe of course, and won't sell or send it to anyone else.
If there's a piece you love, I'll share its story with you.
How was it made? Where did you get the inspiration? Why bow-ties and not ties? Ask me anything! I'll answer it openly.