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I’m Brendan Joseph, an artist & weaver based in DuBlin, Ireland. I seek to distil the play of light on landscape that calls out to me and makes my woven textures of silk & linen so unique.

May sight & touch guide you to a place beyond the sensory,
to discover the inspiration anew every time you wear your piece.


2020 Featherweight Collection

Woven Pieces in silk & Linen

Woven & hand-dyed in Ireland, Each piece is unique.
142.5 x 141 cm 56” x 55.5”

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Discover our unique Irish-made Accessories

We weave our scarves, shawls, pocket squares, bow ties, neckties, wedding handfasting ribbons here in Ireland, and finish every piece at our Dublin studio. Browse our current collections or collaborate on a corporate or wedding gift. Brendan can work one-to-one with clients on personal pieces.

Brendan Joseph began hand weaving in silk, cashmere & linen ten years ago on looms he built himself. Honing his craft from his Dublin studio, he is known for his unique weaves that distil & express their inspiration through sight & touch, reflecting nature's dance of water, land & light.

Daylight in Dublin
Bow tie

Woven silk bow-tie, we can ready-tie it for you just how you like. We hand-cut each one to hide three looks in the fold for the self-tier, but can be worn as-is.


Sumptuously woven linen & silk necktie that celebrates the dance of water and light over Dublin Bay. Hand-cut for a perfectly composed, balanced hang.

Silver Shore

This woven Silk & Linen Shawl takes us to Belfast Lough, awakening in light, transforming from silver-grey to intense blues, golds, roses and greens.

Handfasting Ribbon

Handfasting ceremonies at weddings are said to be an ancient Celtic tradition, where the hands of the couple are bound with a piece of cloth, or ribbon, symbolising their life-long union. 

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