Dublin from the Hills

Two sweeping arcs nestle Dublin city. To the east is the horizonless expanse of Dublin Bay and to the south, Dublin’s shimmering lights yield to ancient foothills, resplendent in greens and greys.

As we walk along these hills - Montpellier, Three Rock, Ticknock, at sunrise and sunset, amongst swathes of pine and gorse, along smooth flowing streams and crunchy paths of shimmering granite, all peppered with minerals, lichen, flowers and buds in iron, wine, sky and electric green.

The city wakes and sleeps beneath us, streams of cars and flickering street-lamps illuminate the road below all fading far in the distance into a slate blue sky.

100% Silk scarf                                                             

Blue and Green Silk Scarf, 180cm x 35cm, Reversible with two sides.

100% Silk Self-Tie Bow Tie                                          

Ready to wear as-is or re-tie for three looks hidden in the folds.