Dublin City at Night

Even in darkness, a choir of lights shimmer & skip through Dublin, illuminating everything from the city’s leather-worn granite paving slabs to its vertical geometries of redbrick & portland stone in tones of linen, interspersed with lime-gold gnarled old trees.

Water & light dance on the black rippling mirror of the River Liffey, convening a choir of moonlight, stars, headlamps, streetlamps, buses, cars & people; all celebrating the creative energy of Dublin City at Night.

100% Silk Self-Tie Bow Tie                                   

Self-tie Silk Bow Tie, Ready to wear as-is or re-tie for three looks hidden in the folds.

100% Silk scarf                                                   

Blue Silk Scarf, 180cm x 35cm, Reversible with two sides.