Where there are artists, there are patrons

Throughout history, artists have always struggled and starved in the pursuit of their work, but for some great names, there are great stories of people who supported them by commissioning their work. Be that the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michaelangelo, the Medici family's renaissance university, the wonderful fashion work of Alexander McQueen & Philip Treacy championed and nurtured by Isabella Blow, or the many sculptures, portraits and poems about Kings, Bishops and Businessmen, by artists whose names are known and unknown, patronage is essential for the not only the survival of the artist, but for the flourishing of art.

Commissioning a woven piece is no ordinary thing, and as you tell me the story you want woven in threads, you'll be a part of the creative process as much or as little as you want. You choose the threads themselves, rough or smooth, dark or light, the shades and hues, and the feel of the cloth, and as I put your message or vision into motion, you can visit the studio and see your work on the loom for the fifty hours of handweaving that go into each scarf.

To commission a piece, Email or Call Brendan on

brendan @ brendanjoseph.com
+353 (86) 38 41 722


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