Daylight in Dublin

first-light-in-Dublin-Story high res.jpg

The light rolls in over Dublin from the East, surveying the rippling waves of the river Liffey, weaving its way under and over the city's stone and iron bridges. The early-risers read their morning papers, crossing south to north and north to south...

Ancient leather-polished slabs of granite shimmer in the changing light, sheltering tiny flowers in their cracks, picked out in vivid chartreuse along with haloed canopies of gnarled Limes and London Plane trees overhead. But everything begins to give way to a somehow friendly cold blue light.

100% Silk scarF

Blue Silk Scarf, 180cm x 35cm, Double-faced / Reversible

100% Silk Self-Tie Bow TiE

Ready to wear as-is or re-tie for three looks hidden in the folds.