Handfasting Ribbons for Weddings

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition where a ribbon is ceremonially wrapped
around the couple's hands at their wedding, to symbolize their life-long union. You may have noticed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's hands were ceremonially wrapped during their wedding ceremony, as were Prince William and Kate's at their wedding.

Our handfasting ribbons come with complimentary monogramming,
embroidering the initials of the couple at either end of the ribbon, and the date in the middle, for a personal touch.

Perfect as part of the couple's wedding accessories, or as a gift from a family member or friend.


Flowers in the Light

The piercing dawn's sunlight passes through magenta Iris petals, against a blue summer sky.


Howth Head

Red heather swaying in the breeze meets deep green karst in an ocean of sky blue. 


Dublin from the Hills

A luxurious mix of olive green and gunmetal blue, with a hint of the bright city lights down below.

For more colours, please contact us.