Woven from
the finest quality
silk, cashmere and linen

The ingredients of each Brendan Joseph scarf are carefully sourced and selected from the world's finest producers.

Our mulberry silk, cultivated in China, is spun and dyed in the North of England, as is our Mongolian cashmere. Our linen yarns are Irish, Belgian and Italian. Each thread is less than 1/20th of a centimetre in diameter.

Pictured: The Warp of  'The River Liffey at Night' and 'Grand Canal' scarves.

Linen & Silk threads being tied, one at a time, onto the back beams of a handloom. These will later be wound onto the beam and then fed through 1,200 individual needles before passing through a reed comb at the front of the loom and being tied onto the 'load' beam.