Stories Woven to Wear

Sky blue to deep gunmetal, these scarves and ties encapsulate the variations of Irish sea and sky.


Sky blue silk and natural linen blend in a unique structure that emulates the dance of water & light.

Howth Head

Sky blue and olive silk combine to create a double-sided scarf that brings the Irish landscape to life.

Flowers in the light

Sky blue and magenta silk create the effect of sunlight through the petals of an Iris at dawn.

Dublin from the Hills

Olive green silk is complemented by gunmetal blue in the view at dusk of Dublin below.

Daylight in Dublin

Sky blue and gunmetal silk represent the shimmering granite in dawn's cool blue light.

Sandymount Strand

Sky blue silk brings the sparkling sea to life, and the pewter rocks that border it in gunmetal blue.




These scarves, shawls, neckties and bow ties are perfect gifts for the man or woman who has everything. Blue is a calming and gentle colour, and brings out the light in people's eyes. Each story is inspired by a different place in Ireland, and holds a special meaning for the giver and recipient.