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Events: Dance-theatre 'Merry.Go.Round' by Maria Nilsson Waller

A captivating rumination on life and love, the costumes, sound design and props are all under Nilsson Waller's careful direction. Bringing metaphors and turns of phrase to life in hypnotic sequences, this piece not only gives you ample feats of strength and synchronicity, it offers you the space to explore your own past and present as you endeavour to interpret and unwind its narrative.

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Landscapes, Light & Love - FW Burton at the National Gallery, Dublin

The exhibition is entitled 'For the Love of Art', but could as easily be called 'For the Art of Love'. Burton's paintings are not only romantic in their aesthetics, but in their stories. The drama of love, or the lack of it, is played out in Burton's most important works: Slavic ballads of loveless marriages, people actually dying of broken hearts and forbidden romances all take prime place in his work.

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On Reflection: 'Now Wakes the Sea' at Glucksman Gallery - Cork

Recently I visited an exhibition at the Glucksman Gallery, in the beautiful grounds of University College Cork. It was called Now Wakes the Sea.  Irish and international visual artists had taken on the sea as a theme in their work.  Striking, for me, was the highly charged romantic nature of almost all of the work on show, except for the piece by Tacita Dean. 

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